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Your partner for growth

Olos Consulting provides topnotch and cost-effective CFO services to startups and small businesses in the Philippines and Southeast Asia. We are the first finance incubator and accelerator for startups and fast-growing small businesses in the country.


We help our clients grow and empower them through technology and modern approach in launching and scaling businesses leveraging on our collective skills, experience, and network in building successful startups and fast-growing companies in the region.

Culture - Expertise - Technology


We think and act like your co-owner in the business and we mirror the successful startup culture of agility, transparency, and innovativeness in the delivery of our services.


Our experienced team of finance professionals have worked with startups, SMEs, publicly listed and multinational companies around the world.


We believe that helping business via  tech-enabled solutions has much better scalability and sustainability and hence, a must for every business to stay successful and relevant.

Why Choose Us?

Our promise is to support you from launch to exit. We can help you on in business modeling, financial modeling and fundraising, finance function set-up, finance team professinalization, finance transformation, and up to hiring your first full-time Finance Manager, Controller or CFO.

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