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Online Accounting

If there’s one thing that founders and business owners should be spending a lot of time into, it should be growth of their businesses. Not the boring accounting stuff.


Accounting used to be a very manual process. But due to our tech-savviness and modern way of doing business, you will experience the modern way of accounting and bookkeeping using cloud computing and robotic process automation (RPA) technologies at very friendly rates.

Online Accounting Price Calculator

100 Transactions starts at $200.00

Online Tax Compliance & Reporting


As a founder or a small business owner, you must be keeping an eye on your taxes as well if you want to have a good sleep at night and avoid surprises that might taint your reputation especially with your investors and customers. Taxation is quite a complex topic for most business owners. However, we believe that dealing with taxes does not need to be complex at all in contrast to what most CPAs and tax practitioners are telling you.


Using our online tools, we can help you strategize, structure, calculate, prepare and file your periodic tax returns. On top of that, we can as well help you on your tax planning, which includes transfer pricing, should you decide to expand your business to other Southeast Asian markets at a fraction of a cost starting from only $100.

Online Tutorial

Virtual CFO

Our Virtual CFO is our premier service offering. We have worked with hundreds of startup founders and small business owners across the Southeast Asian region. All of them have successfully raised funds, secured loans from banks and financial institutions, and won major customer contracts.


We can help you identify the most optimal structure for your organization, prepare your financial model, manage your finance team, manage your cap table, help you analyze and plan for strategic partnerships and business expansion options, and eventually help you strategize and mobilize your exit either through IPO or M&A.


We can be your Virtual CFO for as low as $1,000.

Virtual HR

Virtual Conference

In the early stage of your company as startup founder and a small business owner, you need to hustle a lot. From developing your product or service, getting product-market fit, acquiring leads, converting them into users or clients and monetizing your product to get traction needed to fund further your growth. But you cannot do everything alone though. You need the most important asset of your organization – your people.


We can take care of your people needs. We can help prepare your employee contracts, company handbooks, manage your HRIS and payroll systems and of course, recruitment. All done online at a fraction of a cost!


We can be your Virtual HR department for as low as $1,000.

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