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Olos Consulting Group Partners with Xero

As part of our commitment to providing premium services to startups and small businesses in the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries, we make sure to use the leading tools to support your business. In this regard, we’re very excited to announce that we have partnered with Xero! Xero is a world-leading online accounting and management software designed for small to medium-sized businesses.

With Xero’s powerful features, we assure a more efficient and cost-saving process of managing your finances. Here are some features we can do with Xero:

  • Access your cash flow real-time from any device

  • Connect securely with your bank for easy transactions

  • Get paid faster with online invoicing

  • Track and pay your bills on time

  • Set up your payroll

  • Simplify employee expense claims

  • Keep your files in one place

  • Manage your inventory

  • Calculate your tax with Xero

With all of these, Olos Consulting Group is certified to give you expert guidance tailored to your situation.

Let’s set your free consultation right now and get started with Xero!

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